Surgical Technology Questions and Answer Bit 29

Chromic gut's tensile strength sees a significant decrease in _____ days.

Answer: 21

Nylon is a monofilament _____ suture.

Answer: nonabsorbable

The largest available suture for use in surgery is #_____.

Answer: 5

A(n) _____ wound is caused by heat or cold.

Answer: thermal

Chromic gut is made with the submucosa of sheep intestines or the _____ of beef intestines.

Answer: serosa

_____ typically are not closed with suture because they do not tolerate suture well.

Answer: Muscles

Another name for a scrape is _____.

Answer: abrasion

The diameter of stainless steel sutures is identified by the _____ commercial wire gauge numbers.

Answer: Brown & Sharpe

The chemical name for Vicryl is _____.

Answer: polyglactin 910

Another name for a bruise is _____.

Answer: contusion

The second layer of closure in an abdominal wound is the _____.

Answer: fascia

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