Surgical Technology Questions and Answer Bit 27

Dave the CST setting up for a hernia procedure notices a 3-0 vicryl ligature reel on the back table. He informs the circulator to?

a. Check if it is the right size
b. Ask why and who opened it
c. Add it to the count
d. Verify preference card

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While performing the excision of a sacral decubitis, the surgeon tells john the CST, "I want this wound to heal by granulation ". John knows this would be healing by?

a. 2nd intention
b. 1st intention
c. 3rd intention

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2nd intention

Juan the CST on call has just completed a gastrostomy feeding tube insertion. During the procedure the stomach was entered without any spillage of contents, the wound classification assigned would be?

a. Class 1
b. class 3
c. class 2
d. Class 4

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The surgeon asks for bolsters for the secondary suture line for closure of the laparotomy. The CST knows that this procedure will require closure with?

a. Continuous sutures
b. Interrupted sutures
c. Retention sutures
d. Traction sutures

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During an abdominal perineal resection procedure to ends of the intestines need to be anastomosed together. The stapler that would best facilitate this would be the?

a. TA
b. EEA
c. GIA
d. Linear cutter

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During an open appendectomy a purse string suturing technique is used to invert the stump of the appendix. During a laparoscopic appendectomy a__________ is used to cut and staple the base of the appendix.

a. EEA
b. Endoscopic GIA
c. TA
d. Ligating clip

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The surgical procedure is booked as I&D of a leg abscess, this procedure would have a wound classification of?

a. Class 3
b. Class 4
c. Class 1
d. Class 2

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A day after surgery a postoperative patient's wound has several separated layers. This would be a wound?

a. Evisceration
b. Separation
c. Dehiscence
d. Adhesions

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On a closure of an infected wound the surgeon request a monofilament non absorbable suture. The best choice for the CST would be?

a. Silk
b. Chromic
c. Prolene
d. Vicryl

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The surgeon is working on a patient with severe hand laceration, he requests a fine Neurolon suture to repair the nerve. The CST knows the gauge of the suture should be?

a. 0
b. 2-0
c. 8-0
d. #1

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