Surgical Technology Questions and Answer Bit 28

Silk is a multifilament _____ suture.

Answer: nonabsorbable

Phase 1 of wound healing by first intention is called the inflammatory response phase or the _____ phase.

Answer: lag

The partial or total separation of a layer or layers of tissue after closure is called _____.

Answer: Dehiscence

Another name for a cut or tear is _____.

Answer: laceration

Doctors tend to place a few interrupted sutures within the _____ layer to prevent dead space, especially in patients who are obese.

Answer: subcutaneous

A(n) _____ wound exists when a minor break in sterile technique occurred.

Answer: clean contaminated

When the peritoneum is closed, a(n) _____ suture is used.

Answer: absorbable

_____ is the protrusion of the viscera through the edges of a totally separated wound.

Answer: evisceration

Another name for a penetrating wound is _____.

Answer: puncture

Smoking causes _____, diminishes oxygenation, and causes coughing that can put stress on wound healing.

Answer: vasoconstriction

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